This week, Starling interviews three of the UK's leading session musicians, to find out what life is like on the road touring with major artists, and playing the planet's biggest venues.

David Kyle Payne (Bass and backing vocals), Luke Marc Hughes (drums) and Charles Macdonald (guitar) are living what many would consider to be a dream life, playing stages such as the O2 in London with some of the biggest names in music. But what is life really like day-to-day for a session musician? How do you deal with stresses on the road, being too busy (or not busy enough) and sometimes difficult artists? 
More importantly, how do you become a session musician? Is it about more than being able to play?
Starling's World is a podcast about making it in the creative industries. Every two weeks, rising star Starling interviews a creative industry professional at the top of their game, from songwriters to film makers, producers, managers and agents, right up to major label execs.

Creativity is a bitch: it creeps up on you in the bath, it’s not there when you plan for it and the path to success is as clear as trying to find your tent in a festival site. With no torch. Pop singer Starling has created a podcast interviewing top industry creatives including Bjork producer Damian Taylor, Former Head of Specialist Factual at C4 David Glover (he created Gogglebox), and many more. 

The aim? To help people aspiring to make it in the creative industries by learning from the experts: What makes them tick, how they got to the top of one of the world's toughest industries, their mistakes, triumphs, and the moments that made them who they are. 

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