Ever wondered how musicians find their style, or how a look is perfectly matched to the feeling of a song? Have you ever thought about how much effort goes into a piece of cover or album art, and where the incredible looks come from?
Rachel Holland is a celebrity fashion stylist, specialising in working with musicians. She works with artists to create looks inspired by their music to ensure that from music videos to photo shoots, the message gets across. 

Starling's World is a podcast about making it in the music industry. Every two weeks, rising star Starling interviews a music industry professional at the top of their game, from songwriters to session musicians, producers, managers and agents, right up to major label execs and A&R heads.

The aim? To help people aspiring to make it in music by learning from the experts: What makes them tick, how they got to the top of one of the world's toughest industries, their mistakes, triumphs, and the moments that made them who they are. 

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